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 Our family moved to South Carolina from Arizona in 2022. My husband and I have 7 kids, one grandbaby, and an Old English Sheepdog named Tallulah. As the story goes, one day we had the wonderful idea to start a lemonade business. Our Sheepdog Tallulah was going to have some upcoming medical bills and we wanted to raise money to fund it. Big Bonus--it was the beginning of summer! With a big family we thought let's go for something we can build together, work together and pass down. We wanted a family owned and operated business. Here at Sheep Shack we're teaching our kids that possibilities are as big as your dreams. Find what you're good at and go for it. Our lemonades became a community favorite and we look forward to serving up all the deliciousness!



The Wrights

Let’s Work Together

SheepShack is a mobile lemonade catering company


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